Setting up an Email Account in

: Microsoft Mail (Vista Only)

Below are the steps required to get your email account setup in Windows Mail in Windows Vista. You can print this guide if you would find it easier to follow along.

We provide simple verbal instructions with graphical instructions following for those that prefer this.

Please replace with your actual domain name.

Select Tools->Accounts. Select Add. When prompted for Account type select E-mail Account then select Next. You will be prompted for your preferred display name (this is not important)  and your email address eg., then select Next.
On the Set up e-mail servers screen:-

Select POP from the pull-down menu for Incoming e-mail server type then set:- with your actual domain name

Incoming mail (POP3) server
Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP)

Tick Outgoing server requires authentication and select Next.

On the Internet Mail Logon screen check your username is your domain name eg. (the is the default for all new accounts)
or the full email address if you have individual POP accounts. Enter your password.
 Select Next, then tick the Do not download my e-mail and folders at this time box, then select Finish.

You will now find yourself back at the Internet Accounts screen. Choose the email account you have just created and select Properties.

Click Apply then OK and then Close to finish. Your RegCA account should now be setup correctly.

The Microsoft Windows Mail Junk E-mail and Phishing Filter

We do not necessarily recommend that you run the Microsoft Windows Mail Junk E-mail and Phishing Filter (pre-installed on Windows Vista). If you do decide to run it you need to exercise considerable caution and may need to modify its spam defaults. For example if you keep the default spam settings then communications from the RegCa, and similar messages may well end up in Windows Mail's spam folder

Graphical Instructions if you did not like the preceding.

Open Windows Mail and click on Tools.
Windows Mail Setup Step 1

Click on Accounts...
Windows Mail Setup Step 2

Click on Add...

Click on E-mail Account then click Next.

Next to Display Name: type your name then click Next.

Next to E-mail address: type your email address then click Next. 

(Please replace with your  actual domain name.)


In the boxes blow Incoming mail, and Outgoing e-mail server type then check the box next to Outgoing server requires authentication. (Please replace with your  actual domain name.) Click Next.

In the box next to E-mail username: type in your username and type in your password in the box next to Password: then click Next.

(Please replace with your  actual domain name.)

Click on the Finish button to close the e-mail setup wizard.

Click on the Close button and you are all done. You can now get your new email in Windows Mail. You can close this page when you are finished.

Still Having Problems?
If you are using Rogers broadband click here.

Over the last few years, more and more ISP's have started to require their subscribers to use their SMTP server to send mail.
This allows them to monitor spammers, and help to reduce to the overwhelming amounts of spam and exploitation that occurs daily with email.
In this case we suggest you set your  outgoing mail server to exactly the same setting as you use for your ISP.
If you are not certain what these are: check on this list below for your ISP.
Provided with each ISP that blocks, is their respective SMTP server setting.

This list has been compiled by the Support staff over the last year. It is not an complete list of ISPs that require that their clients use their SMTP servers, however, it is as accurate as possible at this time.

AT&T Global:
Bell internet highspeed (Canadian):
Bell south: (Australian): contact service provider for Settings.
Charter Communications:
Cinncinnati Bell/Fuse Dial-up: /east / central
Cox: - -
Etisalat (UAE):
Megared (Mexico): contact service provider for Settings.
OOL (Optimum Online):
Pacific Bell (Pacbell):
Road Runner(NYC): (for other states, and regions contact your Road Runner Support team)
Rogers Hi-Speed (Canadian):
SBC Yahoo:
Spectrum DSL 
US Internet
Verizon(alt): or
Wide Open West 
XO Communications or
Yahoo (Canadian): contact service provider for Settings.

More will be added as we go, but this is as comprehensive a list we have to date.
Please note that these servers may change and are general.
We recommend that you contact your ISP to get your specific configuration.

If you have any corrections or  know of another ISP and it is not listed here, please let us know and we'll be sure to add it.

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